Listening to radio stations on HomePod using Siri with or without the Internet

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You can use Apple HomePod for listen to radio stations on phones with the help of Siri. Usually the latest iPhone models do not have an FM Radio application without having to connect to the Internet.

This feature can be a problem if we are in places where we don't have access to the internet or data. However, when we are connected to the network, it is very easy to use this feature to enjoy the stations online.

In Learn How To Do It we will explain how to use Siri to easily play radio music on HomePod.

Some applications to listen to the radio on Apple devices

Unlike platforms for listening to music, the radio works with real stations, with a set schedule and commissioned announcers. They don't have a library of just music, but you also have sections for discussion, information, and important audio shows.

For the latest iPhone models the FM radio chip is missing, the which makes it difficult. The brand has never enabled this chip in its devices, so it is impossible to connect to local radios.

However, you can connect via streaming or Internet radio to stations already connected. To make this possible, there are many applications in the App Store that offer the ability to access radios.

One of these is TuneIn Radio, available on the App Store and is the most used by users. It allows you to connect with radios around the world, both AM and FM and has registered more than 100 thousand stations.

There is also the app FM Radio: Music, News & Sports, which has a good rating within the Apple Store. You have the possibility to connect for free to more than 50 thousand radio stations around the world.

With - Live FM radio app We can have access not only to stations but also to podcast streams. A podcast is a special radio broadcast that you can download to listen to where different topics are discussed.

Finally, there's the app Classic FM, with which we also have the opportunity to listen to radio stations. It has high audio quality, which makes the music experience very pleasant to listen to and fully enjoy.

These are some of the apps available in the App Store to listen to any radio station over the Internet.

Use HomePod with Siri to listen to the radio

The HomePod is a speaker compatible only with Apple devices to listen to any recording with higher volume. It is normally used by people to hear soothing or even ambient sounds for any situation where we need a lot of calm.

There are also apps that are used to listen to relaxing music and achieve a state of calm and peace. They are functional when we are highly stressed and need to get away from the obligations that cause us a high level of stress.

The first thing we need to use the HomePod to listen to the radio is that the phone or tablet is up to date. The system must be at least iOS 13 or a later version in order to function properly.

So you have to have the radio app installed on the device, which may be one of those mentioned. With this, all that remains is to connect the HomePod with the phone or tablet and keep Siri active too.

The voice command needed to activate the radio with Siri dovrebbe always contain the word radio express. This prevents Siri from playing other playlists or even music stored on the selected device.

Siri will start playing the radio, when we open the app we select to connect to all radio stations. We must remember that this all just works if we are connected to a network WiFi or we have the data activated.

As we said before, iPhone devices do not have the function of connecting to a local radio because it is not enabled. There is no way to listen to the radio without using the Internet, even if it is the only obstacle we face in this.

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