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Every so often when you need to hear audio or are waiting for an important message, you need to turn up the volume to be careful. For this we need to increase the volume of the notifications or fix the sound problem on your iPhone; This is pretty straightforward.

The same goes for music too. It is quite common nowadays to use cell phones to listen to music wherever we are. Maybe a meeting with friends or family, don't you want to be silent? Is it too low? 0 the music is not heard at the same volume? So you should increase the maximum volume of yours device.

Doing so is not complicated at all. However, caution is advised as it can affect the device and even hearing health, so it should be used when it is really needed and not always leave the volume on. overdrive.

How to maximize the volume on iPhone

Increase the volume of notifications

To view notifications such as calls, messages, alerts, etc. What you should do is display the lower menu of the device. You will be able to see several options, the one we are interested in is the one with a black line with speaker icons at the ends. Moving the white icon to the right will increase the volume.

Another option is to go to " Settings »And then go to the option" Sounds ", You will find the possibility to modify" Buzzer and alerts Which is the same as what we discussed earlier.

Turn the music volume up to the maximum

However, if you want to turn up the music volume, etc. You need to click » Music »In the menu» Settings «.

Now you will have to search " volume limit "You will see that it is marked with a" Yes »If you press and remove the volume limit, you will be able to significantly increase the volume.

A black line will appear where you can increase the maximum volume. Right is for increasing and left is for decreasing. If you use the physical buttons on your device you can also increase or decrease.

Increase iPhone volume to maximum only on iOS

The volume limit of our iPhone is limited by default for two reasons. The first is the health of our hearing, obviously it is not advisable to increase the volume as it can damage our ears.

The second is the speakers of the device. There is a volume limit in so that they have a long useful life. However, if you decide to use the speakers as much as possible you could end up damaging them, it is not something that happens immediately, but their useful life would suffer.

Maximizing the volume of the iPhone is ideal for the occasional situation that justifies it. We do not recommend always keeping the volume at maximum for the two points we discussed earlier.

But all in all, as you can see, it's not that difficult increase the volume of your iPhone to the maximum. With these few steps you can enjoy 100% volume on your iOS device.

If you need to know more about iOS or are looking for tricks to iPhone in Miracomosehace, we have a wide variety of tutorial e guide detailed so that you can learn everything you need to know about Apple smartphones.

Remember that any kind of doubts you have regarding this topic can be left a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you resolve each of them.

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