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Although there are several ways to add parental controls to Android devices, more and more applications include such configurations, which help parents and guardians to choose what content the little ones in the house can access and which ones must remain hidden. One of the last to integrate such a system was Netflix.

As the company announces on its official news blog, Netflix already includes parental control settings that allow you to configure the access control measures to the platform content depending on who uses it.

Netflix already includes parental controls - what they consist of

The parental control measures introduced by Netflix are varied. First of all it provides the possibility of add an access PIN to profiles in so that the little ones of the house can only access their own profile, and not the rest. This allows tutors to better control the content their children have access to. In this sense, filters have been inserted that allow you to choose which titles are available, and to block those that may not be appropriate based on your age.

È also included Possibility of hide series, films or documentaries by name. In this way, the blocked titles will not appear in the platform catalog when using one of the profiles with active parental control settings. Finally, the possibility of view a history with the contents at any time viewed by minors within their profile, and the possibility of turn off automatic episode playback in children's profiles.

How to set up Netflix parental controls

The most logical procedure when setting up Netflix parental controls is start by setting a PIN to access profiles, so that the little ones of the house can only use their own. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Netflix and go to the "Account" section to change your profile settings.
  2. Select the profile you want to block with a PIN and go to the "Block profile" section.
  3. Enter the account password when prompted and enter the PIN you wish to use to access the profile.

This way you make sure that the little ones in the house cannot access those profiles that are not checked. Therefore, the next step is the limit the available content in the profile or profiles that will be used by the children. To do this, follow this procedure:

  1. Go back to the «Account» section and now go to the «View restrictions» section.
  2. Choose the age rating of the titles you want to view or select the 'Child Profile' option, so that only the content is shown for all audiences and recommended for children under 7.

3, if you wish, enter the title of those series or movies you want to hide regardless of the age limit configured in the previous step.

Questo è tutto. Once parental controls are set up, you can rest assured that your children will only be able to access their profile and that all content displayed will be age appropriate.

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