Praise of the Internet

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Marie-Ange Demory
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A cursed insect had to arrive to send us all home punished so that the essence of the internet would shine again in all its glory.

A connected world capable of sharing feelings, culture, news ... to bring those who are further away, entertain those who feel alone, inform those who are isolated and, above all, connect those who are close to our hearts.

For this reason, we must ensure that everyone has access to the internet.

Of course, the Facebooks will continue to exchange data, the Zoom of the world cheating to gossip in our video conferences, the hackers struggling to break into our computers and servers, and the bad guys trying to find a way to get us paid to return our computer.

But none of these defects will be able to cover the reality of the internet: the generations who have lived, lived together and survived Covid-19 will be able to count as under so much tinsel, so much noise, so much distraction, having the Internet was needed for what we have always been told that needed: to connect the world.

So today, at least a slap in the face of that applause that so many people deserve, dedicate it to the visionaries who created the tool that is protecting us against dementia, loneliness, depression ...

Thank you!

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