Ten years with the iPad

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The iPad quickly became a familiar object, like the remote control or the intercom.

Objects and technologies that make it difficult to imagine what times were like before they existed.

When Steve Jobs introduced it, he defined it as a device somewhere between the phone and the computer, saying that, to be successful, it had to do some things better than the items it replaced.

Read, watch videos, surf, play… without a doubt the iPad is the ideal support - in my experience much better in the iPad mini, thanks to its portability and manageability, than in the regular iPad.

From the first moment everyone saw in his head what he could use it for and could imagine using it.

Having inherited iOS gave it an innate structure to let everyone know how it worked, as well as millions of customers who, for that very reason, wanted one.

Education, the elderly, businesses of all kinds, the technologically disabled - if you allow me the expression, all have seen their case solved with the iPad proposal.

For the first time the concept of electronic "tablet" made sense and Apple has sold millions by setting the standard and, incidentally, taking the category exclusively for it (no other tablet can sell in significant quantities).

Evolution, stagnation

The iPad evolved at the pace of iOS, but what was true of the iPhone, it fell short of the iPad, precisely because it was not an "iPhone with the largest screen".

The tablet's size allows it to do things for which the iPhone screen is a physical and insurmountable barrier, and astronomical advances in Apple's chip development have made it clear that the iPad could give much more of itself.

So Apple has finally released the iPad Pro (along with the fabulous Apple Pencil) which takes all the power to a new level.

But while it's true that it's interesting to use Photoshop on the iPad, or Final Cut Pro if it exists, for those moments when you're caught off-guard by an urgency, or when you still don't have pressure for a delivery date and you can try options ...

But when the critical moment comes, when you need power, agility, resources… you will probably end up sitting in front of the computer to get the job done.

From what used to be supreme ease of use, tap and open, swipe to switch apps, etc. now there are "complications" such as sharing the screen between two or more applications that are not only unintuitive but complex to run.

Augmented reality may be a push to launch the iPad into its world of apps, but it hasn't exploded into the everyday world either.

Today it seems that the iPad has reached its full potential and, despite what it does it does very well, it lacks a personality of its own that sets it apart and sets it apart from everything else.

For once - and I never thought I'd say it - the iPad may need a visionary who can see beyond the obvious and steer the ship into uncharted terrain we didn't know existed.

Even so, for all those moments when the iPad accompanied us, it saved us kilos of weight in the luggage, and showed a versatility that we had never dreamed of ...


What do you think of the iPad? What future do you see?

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