The 5 largest mobile manufacturers in the world right now

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Who are the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world? Surely all of you will have them in mind in this moment and obviously there isn't much variation in recent years.

Gartner analysts conducted a study in which they concluded that the smartphone sales have dropped significantly compared to 2019 and while the five largest companies had negative numbers, there are no surprises on the list.

1. Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the current trendy phone

The South Korean giant that a few weeks ago presented its new Galaxy Note20 line, whose complete analysis you can consult below, holds 18,6% of the share di total market of this second half of 2020, obtaining the first position.

The manufacturer succeeded in placing nearly 55 million devices, 27% less than last year in the same period.

2. Huawei

Despite all the problems, Huawei is always at the top

Although in some countries, especially in the West, things are not going as they would have liked, Huawei continues to be at the top obviously thanks to its privileged position in Chinese territory.

With a market share of 18,4%, it is dangerously close to Samsung and, despite all the complications that the Chinese have suffered, the its figures have just dropped by 6,8% from last year.

3. Apple

IPhones continue to sell by the millions

The bitten apple company ranks third mainly thanks to its absolute leadership in important countries such as the United States and Canada. Their iPhones are sold by the millions and are arguably the favorite devices of many tech lovers.

With a worldwide share of 13%, it has lost "only" 0,4% compared to last year, which, given the current circumstances and the state of the market, is not even that bad.

4 Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the companies that is suffering the most

The brand that sells the most phones in the second largest market in the world, India, it ranks in fourth position.

With 26 million devices sold, Xiaomi is one of the companies that has most noticed the market crisis with a decline in its growth of 21,5%.


Everything that goes up goes down and OPPO is no exception

OPPO was undoubtedly one of the fastest growing brands in 2019, placing itself at all the peaks in a way that is said, totally deserved, thanks to phones of spectacular quality in all price ranges.

And since everything that goes up must come down, OPPO currently has an 8% stake, very close to Xiaomi and with losses lower than this. Will it reach them?

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