The 7 best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S21

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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 +, and especially the Galaxy S21 Ultra, arrive loaded with new interesting features that allow you to get even more from the company's latest flagship terminals. Among these, moreover, it is possible to find some others hidden makeup that many may overlook during the first few days of using the devices.

Therefore, today we wanted to review the best tricks we found in the Galaxy S21 after having been able to try out the latest Samsung creations for a while.

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in black.

Remove objects from photos without installing anything

Until now for delete photo objects from the mobile phone it was necessary to resort to third-party applications, in some cases for a fee such as TouchRetouch, one of the best premium apps available on Android. But if you have a Galaxy S21, you can forget about these types of apps.

With the renewed gallery application included in One UI 3.1, it is possible remove objects or spots from the image in a way quick, simple and, above all, free. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile gallery app and select the image you want to edit.
  2. Tap the pencil icon at the bottom to access the editor.
  3. In the toolbar at the bottom, scroll all the way to the right to choose the final option, identified by an eraser and a dashed line.
  4. Tap the object in the image you want to delete, then tap the "Delete" button.

And that's it: as if by magic, the object you selected will be removed. If you wish, you can undo the changes to make some sort of adjustment in case the result doesn't convince you.

Quickly access the "one hand" mode

Perhaps if you have bought a Galaxy S21, reaching all corners of the screen with one hand is not a problem. But if you've bet on one of the two older brothers, the one-handed mode included in the Samsung software can become your best ally.

Also, you should know that it exists an option to quickly activate this mode, which consists in doing slide a finger on the gesture bar from bottom to bottom. With a simple movement, the screen will adjust so that you can use it with one hand without any problem.

Change the intensity of the flashlight

You may not know this, but your Galaxy S21 - and the latest Samsung phones - offer the option of change the intensity of the LED flash when used as a flashlight.

To do this, you just need to do one long press on the flashlight icon in the quick settings panel, then increase or decrease the intensity. You will see how the flash starts to glow more or less depending on the level you have chosen.

Quickly find anything on your mobile

With One UI 3, Samsung has even a connection to a search system which allows you to find anything. From contacts to applications, through mobile phone settings or files saved in memory.

To access this search, simply follow these steps:

  1. Display the quick settings menu by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  2. Once there, scroll down again to show even more controls.
  3. At the top, a magnifying glass icon will appear. Touch it.
  4. Enter your query and wait for the results to appear.

Your favorite widgets, on the lock screen

La block screen integrated into One UI is infinitely more useful and convenient than stock Android and part of this convenience lies in the ability to add widgets.

Accessing the widget panel from the lock screen is extremely simple - you just have to do a double tap on the lock screen clock and you will see a list of widgets that you can customize, adding or removing the ones you think are convenient.

Special effects in your video calls

Samsung has even special effects for video calls which are not present in any other device, for now. These effects are designed to work with several video calling apps, albeit at the moment they are only compatible with Google Duo. To activate them, follow these steps:

  1. Open the mobile phone settings and go to "Advanced settings".
  2. Look for the “Video Call Effects” section.
  3. Choose one of the available effects: blur, color or image. You can also preview each effect and see which applications are compatible.

Configure the side button to your liking

By default, the power button of the Galaxy S21 allows you to call up the Bixby assistant with a long press. However, this button can be configured to perform any action you want.

For example, it is possible use the button to open an application with a double press or change the action of the long press. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the mobile phone settings and go to "Advanced settings".
  2. Tap "Function button".
  3. Choose the action you want to perform by double pressing the button or long pressing.

These are some of the coolest tricks we came across during our Galaxy S21 tests. To these we must add a series of hidden or interesting settings included in One UI 3 that are worth knowing, and that will undoubtedly make your experience with the terminal even more complete.

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