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We cannot deny that Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands in the mobile technology landscape in its own right and that is that the Chinese company has always been characterized by having one of the best quality-price ratios on the market.

For this reason there are not a few users who have a Xiaomi phone in their hands and we also know that there are many Xiaomi owners who read us day after day. That's why for all of them and thanks to our Urban Tecno colleagues, we tell you six secrets to make the most of your Xiaomi mobile that you probably did not know.

Get the most out of your smartphone with these simple tricks

The first trick has to do with the camera of our smartphone and is that although the Xiaomi app may seem quite simple, has many hidden secret settings. To activate them we just have to go to File Explorer, Documents folder, DCIM and create a folder inside it named Lab_options_visible as indicated in the video. In this way we will activate numerous experimental functions in the really interesting camera app.

The second trick is to activate a hidden menu on our Xiaomi device with several extra functions. To prove it, we just have to install the free Hidden Settings app for MIUI from the Google app store. That easy and simple.

The third trick is one we like, not only for how simple it is but also because it is really useful. It is simply a matter of ordering the icons on our desktop by shaking the mobile. In this way and with a single and quick gesture we will have the whole computer and beautiful apps. If you want more information, in this article we will already explain step by step how to do it. It has no losses.

Let's move on to the fourth trick which consists of place a floating ball on the screen of our mobile phone that helps us to quickly access the settings and other functions of the terminal. While it is true that many people can be disturbed, there are many uses we can give to this ball, especially considering that it is completely customizable. To activate it, we just have to go to the additional settings of our device and click on the mobile option as indicated by our Urban Tecno colleagues in the video.

The fifth trick will make our phone look much faster and smoother since it involves forcing the graphics of our device so that when it comes to enjoying our favorite video games they look much better. To do this, you just need to activate developer mode and click on the Force4xMSAA option. If you don't know how to activate developer mode, we leave you an article that explains it perfectly.

The latest trick is perfect for anyone who doesn't have powerful and / or latest generation phones. It is simply about turn off animations from the previously activated developer menu, which will make our smartphone suffer less when opening and / or closing applications and when moving between the different menus.

As we can see, Xiaomi phones have a lot of secret settings that are needed to get the most out of our phones. What's your favorite trick?

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