Things You Don't Know About iOS 15 [Updated]

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Apple has unveiled the first beta of iOS 15 to developers, and aside from the big news that made the news, such as the war against invisible pixels, many changes and improvements are also worth mentioning. Here, we've rounded up a few that we think are worth highlighting.

Regardless, as it's still in beta, there's no guarantee they'll be in the final version of iOS 15 released to the public this fall.

Accessibility settings by application

We have already talked about a new Control Center option that allows you to set the text size for individual applications (found below). But the per-app accessibility settings don't stop there.

Individual app customizations also include bold settings, button shapes, switches, transparency, contrast, color, motion, and more, allowing you to effectively reshape many elements of the app that can be cumbersome to use.

Small month calendar widget

The Square Calendar widget in iOS 14 displays only the current day and the events it contains, rather than the full calendar for the month, which can only be viewed on the larger 2 × 4 widget.

Fortunately, iOS 15 adds a new 2 × 2 widget that displays the full month's calendar with the current day highlighted. In another related change, you can now create a custom color for a calendar using the color picker, in addition to the seven predefined color options offered by the Calendar app.

Improved Siri suggestions

Apple continues to work to improve Siri in iOS 15, not only in terms of voice requests, which are now processed on the device instead of being sent to the cloud, but also in terms of Siri suggestions, as the following tip demonstrates. by a Redditor.

The user wished someone in their contacts a happy birthday during a Messages conversation, resulting in a notification saying "Siri has found a birthday" and the option to update that contact's card with their birthday. This is similar to the existing suggestion to add someone to your contacts if they say their name or have Name and Photo Sharing turned on, but it adds another layer of contextual awareness.

Custom frequency of notification summaries

In iOS 15, notifications have been redesigned, and Apple now also includes a notification summary option that uses on-device machine learning to automatically populate notifications based on priority in a new lock screen layout.

You can select which applications are included in the summaries, which appear on the lock screen whenever you want. For example, you might choose to have them delivered during lunchtime, after dinner, or the last thing before bedtime.

If it seems too small, no problem - you can have up to 12 individual notification summaries within a 24-hour period, which can be changed every hour during the business day, for example.

The selector returns to the original wheel

In iOS 14, Apple removed the original large wheel-shaped dial selector used to select beats and replaced it with a smaller dial selector, hidden behind a number entry field in a box. This new design was supposed to unify the two selection modes, but it also made it more difficult to navigate between numbers.

Fortunately, iOS 15 sees the return of the larger dial dial, but with a cleaner, more modern design. You can also tap the wheel to enter digits with the numeric keypad, so it basically retains the additional features of the previous version of iOS 14.

Custom text size per app

In iOS 14, you can add a button to Control Center that allows you to change the size of the text on the screen on the fly. All the changes you make are reflected throughout the system regardless of your preferences, but in iOS 15 this is no longer the case.

Open the text size picker in Control Center and you'll see new options to apply the text size setting to the system or only to the currently open application. iOS 15 will also remember your selection, so you can exit the app to do something else and then come back with your chosen text size for that particular app intact.

Perfect for making street names look bigger in Maps.

The magnifying glass for text selection returns

After its removal in iOS 13, Apple reintroduced a new version of the text selection magnifier. The new magnifier is a bit smaller than the original, but the fact that it has reappeared is great news.

From the user's perspective, Apple's reasoning for removing the magnifying glass has not been understood, as it makes it harder to see where the cursor is under the finger. Fortunately, this change is likely to remain, as Apple lists it as a feature on its iOS 15 page.

Drag apps from Spotlight to the home screen

In iOS 14, the functionality of app icons that appear in Siri Suggestions and Spotlight search results is limited to opening the app. In iOS 15, however, you can drag an app from Spotlight and drop it directly onto your home screen, which means you no longer have to continually drag app icons between home screen pages to rearrange them.

You can now also directly remove apps from Spotlight via a quick long press action that wasn't available in previous versions of iOS.

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