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The manual method

To do this, you need to go to the application store on your Apple TV and, once there, you need to locate the application you want to update. Once located, you will notice that it displays an option identified as "Update".

Therefore, you will only have to select this option and the update download process for the previously selected application will be executed immediately. This way, you can manually update any application you want, even the screensaver you put on your Apple TV, as long as there is one available for download.

If, on the other hand, the 'Update' option is not present in the application with which you wish to obtain this service, it is possible that you already have it of the latest version of that application.

The automatic method

Apple TV has a number of tools that make it easy for its users to enjoy the service. Such tools include the ability not only to set up your iPhone as a remote control for Apple TV, but also to automatically set up updates for applications, so you don't have to run the process manually.

To do this, you have to go to the “Settings” section on your Apple TV and then you have to enter its apps. Once there, keep in mind that there are two options to upgrade automatically pending applications on your Apple TV.

The first of these options, to automatically update applications, is by activating the button that is shown in the list of pending applications to update. This button will allow you to give the order to make the related updates, but this procedure will not be established.

So if you want to turn on automatic updating for your Apple TV apps as a standing order. You have to select the second option which indicates the function 'Update automatically'.

Although Apple's TVOS system does not work in the same way as the other systems launched by this company, one of the similarities that exist between them is the need for periodically update applications installed on them ..

Well, regardless of whether you use the Apple TV Plus platform or the conventional service of this system, the need to update applications is the same in both cases. Therefore, you need to be aware of the options you have when make relevant updates applications you have on your Apple TV.

With that in consideration, here we will show you how to update apps on your Apple TV manually and automatically. So you can enjoy the latest versions of all your applications.

How to fix the different errors during the update

If you've followed our previous tips for updating your Apple TV's apps to the letter, it's pretty sure you haven't encountered any inconvenience to successfully complete this process. However, there are some Apple TV compatible devices that have some drawbacks to update the corresponding applications.

Internet connection problems

In this way, you should know that in reality most failures are not caused by your device paired with Apple TV, but by the web connection you use. So you should make sure you have a good network while updating applications. Check the speed of the same and if your connection is via cable that this is connected correctly.

Errors with the application

Likewise, some of the common problems when updating Apple TV applications, manually or automatically, are due to an error in the application itself. So, in this case, we recommend that you make sure that both your Apple TV system and the App Store application are fully functional.

Restart or force restore

In other cases where the application cannot be updated, it will be necessary to restart or hard reset the application. This will ensure that it is updated correctly. You will thus be able to deal with any possible inconvenience while necessary updates of your applications are made on Apple TV.


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