Video games jeopardize Hollywood's leadership in world entertainment

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This trend has changed in recent years. Although the seventh art continues to have a large audience and impact, its reign in the leisure sector is up for debate.

The videogame activity has grown exponentially in the last decade, motivated by the high quality of the products that all software developers regularly launch on the market.

These cult works for many gamers, have more and more more realistic doses, which combine stories with a lot of background told by Hollywood actors who give their voice to the protagonists of these fiction, agglomerating unique products that transcend far beyond the fun they give off.

A recent study by the online casino Betway, concerns all these aspects, economic, social and organizational, which have changed the course of the leisure sector, in favor of the field of play. But not only. All indicators agree that the gap between Hollywood and video games will continue to widen in favor of the latter in the coming years.

This whole trend will take advantage of the new tools that developers are using to incorporate them into their creations. Virtual reality is already present in gaming, but it will undoubtedly be the future on which most of the titles that see the light in the coming years are based.

It is estimated that, in 2020, it will already offer revenues of $ 22.000 billion, despite the cost of its acquisition which makes it impossible for many people to access this form of gambling.

This paradox always occurs when a new product comes onto the market, reducing its value over time and consolidating itself.

For this reason, in five years the forecasts for the business numbers of VR are very promising, reaching 40.000 million dollars, and further deepening the gap with the seventh Californian art.

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