What is it, what is it for and how can I use the ISO sensitivity of my camera?

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Photography is an art that everyone can perceive and enjoy. A good photo can express more than a thousand words. People can take pictures and have fun doing it, many people don't have cameras and try to take professional pictures with the camera of an android mobile phone, but it's true that not everyone has the ability to express something in them.

If in your case taking pictures is something you like, but you think you can't capture the best shots, don't be discouraged! You can harness your skills and over time you will learn tricks that will help you improve more and more.

Dedication will always be the key to progressing towards any goal you want to achieve. No matter how difficult it may seem, don't give up. More quickly know the tools your camera offers, the faster you will be at one with it and your photos will look better.

Of course, it will never hurt to help these skills develop. Technology advances and with it we see how they evolve cameras, allowing greater manipulation of the shots you take.

One such tool that will make it easier for you to get a good shot is the camera ISO, but what is this? How can it help you? In this article we will introduce the meaning of this term and how it works, as we show you how to use it.

What is ISO? What is needed?

ISO also known as photographic sensitivity scale it is the tool that unites both the ASA and the DIN. It is that scale that defines the amount of light required by a camera when taking a photograph.

Put simply, ISO is the capability of a camera's sensor when capturing light.

As soon as it is, we will know that the light input will be the exposure and the output will represent the acquired density. So if you tweak your camera's sensor, be aware that you may make it more sensitive or less sensitive to light.

THE shutter and the opening they do gently pass the light through the camera lens almost naturally. If you still don't know how to control and adjust the shutter speed of your camera, this article is of interest to you. The ISO, on the other hand, intercepts the light and digitally amplifies it, making the most of it. Keep in mind that if you don't use this tool carefully, you can lose the quality of your image.

How to use the ISO sensitivity on the camera?

If you want to capture Photos which impress with their good quality, you must learn to perfectly handle this precious tool.

You always want to have a good image, but if we are not careful when setting up a camera you could alter the values. Changing the ISO sensitivity will be reflected in the exposure of the image and the existence or absence of noise in it.

It is recommended to keep the camera ISO at a low level, a ISO 100 o ISO 200. This will totally depend on the camera you have, but there are times when you need to use more of it.

Like when you are in a dark place or when you want to freeze a moment or when you hope to capture a starry night. It may be that opening and closing the iris for these shots is very difficult, which is why the ISO exists in your camera.

Noise when the ISO is increased?

Raising the ISO sensitivity of an image can generate some noise, what do we mean? The noise is represented in noticeable small pixels or grains in the parts darker of images.

So the more we raise the ISO levels, the more noise will come product in the image. This due to amplification occurs with a weak light base which results in a loss of quality in the image.

But don't think that using a high ISO is wrong, you just have to master the technique of using it. Don't worry if in the first few attempts your shots don't come out as you expect you should know your camera a little more.

This way you will know what amount of ISO it is ideal considering that noise is part of the photograph. Although there are many programs that promise to help you eliminate this "problem", the truth is that they only remove definition from images.

If you want to continue learning about cameras and photography, the following article will teach you what an SLR camera is and how to use it professionally.

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