What is "party mode" or "party mode" on Huawei phones and how is it activated?

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Mobile devices with Android system offer users a large number of special tools and functions that they are responsible for enhancing the experience and maximum enjoyment. Year after year these functions are more and more interesting and surprising, providing solutions for every type of situation that may arise during the day.

This operating system is present in major brands of mobile device companies come Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi e Huawei. The latter is undoubtedly one of the most important on the list and here we explain why. Huawei has had a big boom in the market in recent years, this is due to its new changes and implementations.

These terminals have reached the pinnacle of high, medium and low-end mobile devices. The reason for this is that Huawei has presented phones with rather interesting features and qualities and different from other brands of devices. Its new design and interface features major changes and tweaks that are rather stylized and simplistic.

In addition to having new default applications from the company. Therefore, in addition to the best apps and tools from Google, we will be able to see tools totally created and designed by Huawei, thus obtaining a unique touch to the brand and at the same time providing exclusivity to its users.

Within these Huawei apps we find a very interesting one that we will talk about now. Next we will teach you all about the “Party Mode or Party Mode” application present in Huawei mobile devices. Stay with us and find out all the details related to this innovative implementation.

What is Party Mode or Party Mode of Huawei mobile devices?

You are meeting your friends or at a party itself, they all decide to put on some music to brighten the atmosphere, but there is a problem, there is no sound or stereo system in place. Relax, don't worry. Here we present a fairly effective solution for these types of moments.

This is the Fiesta Mode app present on Huawei mobile devices. Thanks to this function we will be able to connect to other Huawei terminals via the internet connection of the place where we are and we will have the possibility to play any type of audio or music in a synchronized way on both mobile phones, creating an atmosphere of audio equipment.

Thanks to this feature we will have the possibility to connect via Party Mode about 7 mobile devices without any problem or inconvenience. The only requirement to be able to carry out this procedure with total success is that all terminals are connected to the Wi-Fi network of the place where they are located.

Another interesting fact about this application is that we can connect horns and speakers via the microjack or the Bluetooth port without damaging the connection with other mobile devices. This way yes it will get even higher volume in combination with the connection of previously implemented telephones.

How can we use and activate Party mode or Party mode on our Huawei mobile device?

Our first step to activate Party mode on Huawei mobile devices it will log into the app and check the “Start Party” box. Once this is done, we will be presented with a totally unique QR code so that in this way other devices can scan it and connect with the main terminal.

It is important to note that these receiving devices will have to click the second box that appears when starting the application called “Join the party”. Finally, having already connected all the mobile phones that will participate in the process, we will have to alone choose a song and that's it. We can listen to it in total synchronization on all mobile phones.

In the case of you don't have a Huawei device, is there any way to use this app. You will need to download the "APK Extractor" app from the Play Store or an alternative store.

Then you will need to share the Party Mode function with the other terminal via bluetooth. Done that we will only have to install the APK received and voila, we can use the party mode on a cell phone of another brand with total normality.

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