What is the name of an app on Android Change?

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Although the customization options included in Android are numerous, there is always some other detail of the system that cannot be configured to suit the user. Or at least, not natively.

This is the case of the application name. Since this data is directly linked to the application's AndroidManifest.xml document, which describes the essential information of the app, it is not possible to change the title of the apps a unless the device is rooted and has the necessary privileges to perform advanced changes on the apps installed on the mobile.

Fortunately, as almost always, there is a much easier way to change the name of apps on Android.

Rename home screen apps on Android

The process for change the title of an icon on Android it is simple and to do this you just need to have a third-party launcher installed on your mobile. To develop this tutorial, we chose to use Lawnchair, one of our favorite launchers. However, you can use others like Nova Launcher. That said, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. On the home screen or in the app drawer, long press the icon of the app whose name you want to change.
  2. Tap "Customize".
  3. Tap the app name field and enter the title you want to give it.

This trick can also be used to leave the name blank. It is one of the most used resources when creating good customization on Android.

That's all. In this way the title of the app icon will become the one you entered, and not the original one. This "trick", in addition to giving a more unique appearance to the home screen, can be useful, for example, when configuring the device for a less experienced user, so that applications are easier to use and identify - for example, by modifying «Chrome» from «Browser» -.

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