What is the “Tile” keychain and how to use it to help me locate or trace my lost keys?

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What is the “Tile” keychain? - The device that helps you find keys and other items

It is currently possible to find a stolen phone via Google Maps and even remember where you parked your car with Google Maps. These and other options are possible with the use of various applications developed in recent years, however keys, wallets and other items easy to lose they seemed nowhere to be found.

Fortunately this will no longer be a problem, thanks to Tile, a useful and practical gadget, that is a very small one Bluetooth device that pairs with your phone.

This device must be placed on the desired object such as keys, bag, suitcase, wallet, use it as a pet locator or even on your small child and through an app anchored to the device you can easily track what you have lost, thanks to the mobile phone map and a sound wave emitted.

Among the advantages of this device is the possibility of sa bre the last position of keys or other object, moreover you can with the help of the app find your lost mobile phone so this is in silence, you can also add your Tile in the app of those who live with you to improve the search.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of Tile is that for the device to work properly and the search to be successful, the device in which the key fob has been integrated does not have to be many meters away from the mobile phone, as the range of the Bluetooth signal is limited.

Despite this, the fact that Tile is a device very practical to find all those things we usually lose and that they are a challenge to find is undeniable.

How to use the “Tile” keychain to help me locate or trace my lost keys?

Once you have purchased your Tile keychain, using it will be very simple, the first thing to do is install the Tile app on your Android or iOS phone, depending on your device. Once you log into the application for the first time, you will need to create an account inside it and then log in with it in the app.

Then you have to allow access via app to the Bluetooth and GPS of your mobile phone, so you have to keep in mind that for Tile to work these two options must always be active.

After that, your phone will be added as the first device in the app, so that if you lose sight of it, you can easily find it. After the app notifies you of this, you must click OK, then press the + icon located at the top left of the mobile phone screen.

At this point, if you have not entered and confirmed your email previously, you must do so, then you will receive a 6-digit code in your email that you will have to write in the app to continue the process. Next you will need to select the model of the Tile gadget you want to insert in the app (Original, Slim, Mate, others), that is the model you purchased.

Now you have to take your Tile and press the button that is under the logo, then you have to place the gadget next to your phone to connect them and if you see a blue screen with a tick icon, then you've done the process right and your Tile is up and running.

Finally, you can customize your tile so that it is easier to find and you can test your smart keychain to see if it can find the keys or what you are looking for.

Now that you know more about the Tile smart keychain, you can see how valuable it can be to those who easily lose keys, so don't waste your time and consider buying Tile.

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