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The tile is sold in various forms, to better suit different objects that are easier to get lost: 

Adhesive: the smallest model you can join what you need: small appliances (like wireless speakers) and products you have on the outside (I glued it inside a glasses case).

Pack of two: € 39,99

Pack of four: € 69,98 (currently reduced to € 64,99) 

Banco Pro: with its perforation to hold it, it is ideal for bulky (and expensive) items.

Nero 1-pack: € 34,99

Pack of 2 (black + white): € 69,98 (now reduced to € 59,99)

Pack of 4 (two black + two white): € 139,96 (now reduced to € 99,99)

Mat: similar to the Pro but in a matte color.

Pack of 1: € 24,99

Pack of 4: 99,96 (now reduced to 69,99 €)

Thin: Its flat and square format makes it ideal for bags and laptops.

Pack of 1: € 29,99

There are also various combos that you can check out on the Tile page.

Battery life of the tile: The battery of the product is guaranteed to last at least one year. In the Tile Mate and Tile Pro versions it can be replaced. The rest of the products are disposable.

Card configuration

Setting up a tile unit is very simple. Once the app is downloaded, select the option to add a new Tile, select the model you want to activate and briefly press the button on the unit itself.

Tile will beep as the app locates the drive and includes it in the database. 

Once added, just go back to the app to tell us where it is and, if that's not enough, make a sound to help us find it.

Since communication takes place via Bluetooth, the object it is connected to must be within range for the unit to be found by the app.

Pros and cons of Tile

Anyone who has had to spend time looking for keys or glasses or wallets, so that they appear where they least expected it, has ever wished there was a more efficient way than to turn the whole room upside down.

Tile promises to solve these problems thanks to technology, but perhaps at the moment technology is not enough to offer a definitive solution.

If you lose something, for example, at a concert, until you are within Bluetooth range of the object, the app will not be able to help you find it.

And if the object is not in sight, the possibility that the sound it emits will help you find it, if I have to judge from the Sticker I tried, is frankly remote.

However, it definitely adds a safety benefit that can be a lifesaver in many cases. If you are one of those people who repeatedly find themselves in the situation of using a room or your house where you have left something, I highly recommend that you give it a try.

Premium tiles

Tile also offers a subscription to its Premium service, which offers the following benefits: 

  • Get notified when you leave something, no matter where you are (this option is in beta).
  • Free annual battery shipping for the Tiles you have registered.
  • Find out where your articles have been in the last 30 days.
  • Share your cards with friends and family so they can help you find them.
  • Warranty coverage for three years.

The Premium Tile service costs $ 29,99 per year or $ 2,99 per month (there's a one-month trial).

Tile litigation with Apple

For years, the relationship with Apple has been cordial, and Apple has been selling Tile in its stores. However, the relationship appears to have been cut off: Apple has stopped selling Tile, it is rumored to work on its own devices, and Tile will testify in a trial in the United States about how tech superpowers stifle and reduce innovation coming from smaller companies. In the case of Apple, the example is Apple and itself (despite the fact that Apple hasn't presented or announced anything).

There is no doubt that if Apple develops its own «Tile», a large number of iPhone users will sign up to buy its products and not the «original» ones. 

We will have to wait and see how the conflict develops.

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