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One more thing: get ready for ARM

Let's start from the end. The big hype this year is that Apple's impressive work on chips for the iPhone and iPad will make the leap to Macs.

So far that is what can be said. At this point it is not known whether it will be an Intel compatible ARM computer or an ARM compatible Intel computer (the one we have now).

It is assumed that an emulator (if you switch to an ARM compatible computer with apps developed for Intel) or a translator (if it is an Intel ARM compatible computer) will be announced at the same time that makes programming on ARM possible. run.

The big surprise would be that nothing has been announced. This would again give way to the quintessential expression of the deep maquero “Go MIER ** de keynote”.

A computer for developers

As in previous transitions, nothing will be immediate. Apple will announce this to developers so they have time to reprogram their apps, but it can be expected that - if the announcement occurs - the first computers will be available to users by Christmas this year.

Meanwhile, Apple will provide developers with a computer at a special price so they can program and test (and report bugs) the new platform.

The normal thing would be that it was an iMac, with everything encapsulated so it can't be investigated.

A crazier dream would be a plug-in card in the new Mac Pro to be able to use ARM instructions.

An illusion would be for them to create an external drive, connectable via USB3 and totally independent of the computer, which - after the period of not being for sale - should be returned.


It is possible that before the behavior review of the Services division Tim Cook will quickly review Apple's actions to help in the pandemic.

I hope Keynote starts with a review of the great progression of services (they will likely skip Apple TV +) by focusing on the App Store and Apple Pay business, 

Personally I would like some sort of announcement about iCloud storage, in the sense of expanding capabilities and services.


Safari, Mail, Maps, perhaps a new portion of Augmented Reality, will be - as it cannot be otherwise - the protagonists of the presentation, with the improvements to privacy. 

Apple will use WWDC 2020 to announce macOS 10.16 - and its unimaginative name inspired by California terrain - as well as iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. 

It will also showcase the innovations of watchOS 7 and tvOS 14.

Little or nothing has been leaked about what the news may be, although Maps is always an inexhaustible source of improvements, given its lag compared to the competition.

It seems likely that this version of the system is about "cleanup and optimization", not so much focused on amazement but on making everything go faster, have fewer bugs and take up less.

In the case of a developer conference, it wouldn't be strange for them to showcase the new powers of the Shortcuts app and how it allows you to automate actions easily on iOS.


Catalyst is the "translator" that allows an iOS app to be ported to the Mac. Although Apple has started using it in its programs, everyone agrees that its status is well below "half cooked", so there Apple expects to spend a few minutes explaining the progress made to make the “trans” application experience more like native work.


The new Apple programming language, in which you are putting a lot of effort, certainly also has its minutes with the new functions that will be incorporated and which will make it more powerful and versatile.

Air Tag

Apple could take the opportunity to announce the AirTags, the "tablets" that are inserted into objects so that they appear in the "Find" app (Find mine) and which cost him a Tile lawsuit accusing him of wanting to throw him out. market using anti-competitive practices such as barrier-free access to the operating system.

A new iMac 2020

In recent weeks, Apple has "released ballast" of products that it made no sense to present on a deferred basis at WWDC, from iPhone SE, through MacBook Air to the new Mac Pro.

However, Alley Rumors insists that there is a redesigned iMac in the style of "iPhone", almost without borders, in which the apple would disappear from the front to leave a symmetrical frame on all sides.

Given the atypical nature of this virtual keynote, Apple could take the opportunity to introduce it (could it be the iMac for ARM development?) And thus generate more expectation.

New gadgets

Apple could take advantage of the WWDC to introduce new "gadgets", both within the medical and healthcare areas that advance the perception of Apple by entering new fields where it has little competition from the point of view of innovation.

A little humor

I wouldn't be surprised if, given the kind of Keynote it is, there were "humorous" videos like Apple executives attending a video conference using Messages (a bit in the style of Mythic Quest's super fun "pandemic" episode (Apple TV +).

For hardware news, wait for September

Don't forget that in September (traditionally) Apple celebrates its “consumer” keynote in opposition to the WWDC, where it presents the new iPhone, iPad, Watch, etc.

Also, it often repeats WWDC highlights (operating systems, etc) to remind viewers (everyone is watching here) how great it is to have a Mac and everything in it.


We repeat it every year and this year we will say it once more: although Apple's fame has brought everything it does to the status of a world event, this is a professional developer conference.

Those developers who, if you were careful, in the Services segment have promoted a business of many tens of millions of dollars for Apple.

So Apple can't be fooled by the spotlight and media noise. Who needs to make happy is its mass of app creators who have come together to find out what Apple is doing to make them earn more.

It is what it is. Now you know

What do you think? What are you waiting for?

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