What to see on Amazon Prime American Gods the worst series ever?

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American Gods has started its third season on Amazon Prime. Yesterday (thanks to a few tenths of fever) I was able to catch up with the four episodes already published. Perhaps the title should be "What not to see on Amazon Prime"

American Gods has started its third season. This means a new series of voluntary efforts to watch each episode, with the promise that at some point something will happen, as we see a succession of scenes without order or cohesion, without relationship between them, and where the protagonists pass from one place to another. other without knowing very well why or for what (as Shadow Moon says so many times).

American Gods is like a prototype airplane that starts racing down the runway and every time it takes flight, it falls back to content itself with continuing to roll down the runway… much to the despair of the spectators.

Obviously there are worse series, I'm not kidding. There are lousy series, delusional series, series where the actors are not suitable, bad series (in all).

But I have never seen a series that with such a good approach (I have not read the novel from which it is based, so I judge it only for its audiovisual merits), with such a remarkable cast of actors, with an obviously more than generous budget. , I have wasted, year after year, season after season, the opportunity you have.

I deduce that if Amazon has decided to continue funding this project it is that its ratings should support it, so I assume that I am in the minority, but after yesterday's marathon I have no longer been able to keep my opinion.

I remember reading that over the seasons the project manager asked Amazon for an additional budget to shoot “his vision”, and that Amazon refused, so he left the position.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed, indeed it has gotten worse. The first episode of the third season combines six or seven songs (of different styles and artists) as he utters a sentence or two. So I also fill the minutes!

For those who haven't heard of this series (which has done them a favor up to now) it's about preparing a war between the new gods (Technology, Internet, etc - I'm not even very clear what they are) against the ancient gods (Greeks, Slavs, Vikings, blacks, Indians, Mexicans) who all emigrated to the United States. The point is, the new gods want people to stop believing in the old gods to worship them, and then those old gods will disappear.

The premise sounds interesting, but it never delivers the experience. Of course, fans will say this is what the four seasons are for and that everything will happen in the last one (probably the last chapter of the last season).

But that's enough for me.

This collection of hysterical and hyperactive gods, who go from place to place like a headless chicken, to return again and again to the square of departure and to be able to start over, is too much for my taste.

Chances are I'll finish watching the season - and the next one too, because I'm one of those who persevere and me. I like to judge by the complete work, not by the cover. If it wasn't, if I hadn't persevered, I wouldn't have gotten to the truly remarkable episodes of Game of Thrones, because - doomed to die, forget it all - the first few episodes would look like a remake of Poldark or an English soap opera from the 90s. . Year after year, financial funds and good scripts have resulted in a powerful narrative and admirable visual spectacle.

But this is not the case with the American gods, who after three years still have to know whether they rise or fall, whether they live or die. In order not to know, there are some who still do not know who a god is and what powers he has ...

Conclusion, if it is not the worst series in history, it is close.

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