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Have you ever seen a movie with unknown actors and been dazzled by a protagonist, with the belief that you are seeing a movie star?

Well, that's what happened to me when I saw the first scenes of the Home Before Dark series where the protagonist Brooklyn Prince goes out on the street.

What does the phrase "stage presence" mean? Something in his demeanor, in his posture, in the way he faces the camera… automatically distinguishes him from the rest.

Just the opposite of Jim Sturgess… if you're talking about a typecast actor, you have to visualize good old Jim. Trapped in those roles of a person with a past (an alcoholic, a drug addict, or traumatized by something from the past, or all at the same time) with problems expressing their emotions and, at times, somewhat irritating acting. One is tempted to yell at him "Forget it now, so we can move on to the next scene!"

But he always has a hard time expressing his emotions or even his thoughts.

The rest of the cast is pretty blurry, they are simple groups with specific peaks to be able to have their scene, but everything is shared between Brooklyn and Jim.

The story is suitable for young and old: a little stereotyped in the sense of a small town, everyone knows each other, big secret, teenage sister, bad cops, journalists, and a mixture of competence, intuition and sympathy that makes the young detective triumph with tenacity continuing his path, confronting himself with those who are needed and defending the values ​​that have been transmitted to him.

In this sense it is pleasant to see, without jolts and with a slight tension that lasts a few minutes. Because that's not your goal (it's not about Stranger Things). The camera follows the adventures of the journalist's apprentice investigation (who, of course, gives a thousand turns to professional journalists and investigators) and how he unravels the skein of an incident that happened when his father was a child in that same city.

I remembered that I hadn't talked about it yet when I released it, the other day in the What's coming entry on Apple TV + that the second season has already been announced.

As in these cases, the girl from Brooklyn is growing rapidly and no longer has the childish candor of the first season, but has the depth of the look that characterizes her. Who hasn't lost it.

Il migliore

The interpretation of the protagonist. There's no question why the series revolves around her.


The absence of surprises, the stereotypes, the "softness" of the subject that sometimes requires a little more tension.

Conclusion on Home Before Dark

The series is inspired by the figure of  Hilde Lysiak, a girl who a  10  years is  became the youngest member of the  Society of Professional Journalists solving a murder that took place near his home. The series has ten episodes.

If you like mystery series that make you feel good (as opposed to having nightmares from the intensity of the action), Home Before Dark looks smooth.

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