What to watch on Apple TV +: Mythic Quest - Raven's Banquet

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After so many hours of watching Apple TV Plus programming, it's a pleasure to finally experience the thrill of sitting in front of the keyboard to write about something that fascinated me.

True, I have seen very good series on Apple TV + such as The Morning Show or Dickinson, which I am looking forward to the following seasons to continue enjoying.

But in all cases I am satisfied with the wait. This is what sets Mythic Quest apart (let's cut it short). In this case I don't want it to end, I want more episodes now!


In the first session, I saw the first five episodes, although I just wanted to see the first to know what it was all about. In the second session I saw the rest. And I was so hungry for more.

It will be because it has to do with computers (even if I have never been a gamer type, much less with rolling), it will be because I am a fan of F. Murray Abraham (thanks for saving him from oblivion!) And Danny Pudy I laughed with laughs about their crazy adventures in Community.

All the characters are perfectly portrayed and recognizable in the different - and hilarious - situations.

The series goes through the daily life of a video game creation studio just before releasing a new update (The Feast of Crows) in the virtual world that led them to success (Mythic Quest).

Machism, sexism, ideologies…. many burning issues are addressed openly but with humor and sensitivity, without losing sight of the fact that the goal is to have fun.

Il migliore

Almost everything, the plots, the psychology of the characters, the fear of failure, the vertigo of success… everything happens quickly and agile.

Infectious optimism and energy that make you want more.


The episodes last only thirty minutes. It's only ten episodes.

To object something, the episode from the past, even if hints are left in others that it will have a role in the future and the story is really well told, is perhaps too abrupt a parenthesis.


Perfect fun to have a good evening, it will leave you wanting more.

Let's hope it reaches two hundred episodes.

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