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I serve in a series… ambiguous. The approach promises but never really arouses that anxiety to see the next episode (as happens with The Morning Show, for example).

You can think of the ten chapters as if they were acts in a play. After all, virtually all chapters take place in the same four or five rooms, with the same characters.

Like much of M. Night Shyamalan's work, I include it in the category of "cheater". Expect an absolutely passive spectator, who does not ask himself questions about what he is seeing, or who if he does, does not wait for answers and go on with what the director has put on the plate of the day.

It's something I clearly remember feeling when watching Twin Peaks and I'd say its modern reference is “Lost”. Anything can happen that the viewer swallows it without a doubt.

Absurd or dramatic things can happen on the screen that no one can ask why? or who? and of course they never get a reply.

I suppose it must contribute to the atmosphere of mystery and tension, but to me it is an artifice rather than a virtue.


It's an American series and it has taken many decades to accept that the salad they eat (because it's healthy) has raw stuff. Anything that is not meat (turkey, chicken, ground beef,…) for the majority of the population sounds like primitivism, exoticism or directly to some kind of aberration.

So including how to prepare a squid or an eel, or a black pudding (the protagonist is a cook / chef) adds a bonus of unknown worlds which for American viewers becomes a component of discomfort.

Not so much in the Mediterranean culture.

Il migliore

The storyline has enough interest to log in every now and then and catch up. The characters are well acted and each has their own situation that allows us to continue through the circumstances.

The "Servo" (servant) has a magnetic presence that steals the air when it enters the scene and achieves a lot with a few gestures.


The worst thing in my opinion are the twists. It's not that it changes direction violently, but that when in one chapter it seems like things are going in one direction, in the next they've taken a gentle turn in another direction and it's parked.

Not discarded, it is always there in case it needs to be recovered at some point.


Is Servant a series that isn't worth it? absolutely. Without a doubt, it is much better than the garbage we have to swallow every day.

But that wanting to play all the cards at the same time will leave you with a bit of emptiness, the feeling of having walked around without getting anywhere (they also denounced this French film for plagiarism).

We hope that in the second season they have made some choices and abandon other possible useless storylines.

What do you think about it?

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