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Incredibly, it has been nearly two years since Apple's subscription service was launched. Although during these six hundred days it has reached highlights that set it apart from the rest (such as Greyhound, El banquero, Calls and, of course, Ted Lasso, among others) in general the service hasn't added content at the speed that one I hoped would become a must. when it comes to streaming services. Were it not for being promoted by Apple, no one - right now - would bet on TV +… even if its programs are of quality, there is not enough quantity to support an audience accustomed to consuming basic content on a daily basis.

At the moment, although we are sure that in three or five years things will be very different, I think that the word that best defines the category in which Apple TV + plays is "minor": it is a minor service (of great quality), with less content (to a large extent) and with less added value. As I said, give it three or five years and surely your library will be full of “must” references in 20s audiovisual content.

It is true that the pandemic has put a year off in all productions and that most of what will happen in the fall of 2021 should have taken place in the fall of 2020, but for something the pockets must serve full of Apple bills: you can afford to give away a year's subscription to hundreds of millions of buyers of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. without the accounts shaking.

In these (those) months, one of the series that was largely ignored was "To tell the truth". And it's not a coincidence. Like all Apple TV + productions, it is shot exquisitely, with remarkable photography, credible protagonists and a story… psé. If the word that currently defines Apple TV + is "minor", the word that defines Truth Be Told is "interesantillo".

Understand me, a police series without cops, a mystery series without mystery, a series of intrigues without intrigue ... it takes you smoothly from one episode to another, but if I couldn't follow it every Friday and I skipped one, I don't have felt the anxiety it causes me, for example having the latest episode of Mythic Quest pending or wanting to know what happens in the next installment of Cycles (Trying).

Simply put, the day I was able to recover, I did.

Actually it's a good series (one of many probably), but not enough to keep it in memory (so it took me all this time to talk about it, and that's because the announcement that the second season - probably will be much better than the first, now that they have been released from the original storyline.)

The argument is intriguing (a priori): a podcaster who played a crucial role in the incarceration of a criminal, over the years uncovers new evidence that questions her certainty and forces her to revise her hypotheses. In his investigation he will stop at nothing or anyone to find the truth.

The series is perfect for those content gaps where you have nothing to do with it, so now is probably a good time to catch up, before the flurry of summer / fall releases.

Did you see her? Do you remember her? What do you think?

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