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Even before the pandemic caused by Covid-19, it was there  a growing trend for podcast consumption  and it has increased exponentially in Spain due to confinement. Today the creation of this type of content from home is much more accessible and of higher quality, thanks to new technologies, which have made available to all production tools that previously could only be found in studios.

There are two essentials when you do  create a home studio and start recording podcasts at home without losing audio quality:  microphones and headphones.

microphones  they are an essential part in music production and podcast recording. Whether you are collecting vocals or instruments, it is important to capture every detail, every nuance and do it without excessive background noise and without a distorted audio signal. Therefore, it is essential that the microphones have one  good sensitivity, good dynamic range and a wide, flat frequency response.

Within the extensive Audio Technica catalog we find the  AT2020USB +, undisputed leader of the  microphones for podcasters and youtubers. Thanks to its built-in professional-quality A / D converter, it plugs directly into a USB port on your computer. In addition, it has a  integrated gain control, which allows us to  adjust the pickup volume, in addition to having  a headphone jack, with volume control, which allows you to monitor the microphone signal without delay and a  mixing control  with the audio pre. computer engraving .

The Audio Technica AT2020USB + model is available with a suggested retail price of € 159 (VAT included).

Another alternative is the microphone to capacitor AT2035, ideal for youtubers who, in addition to their own voice, want  share other audio sources, such as a musical instrument. Requires an external audio interface such as any from the Audient catalog.

The Audio Technica AT2035 model is available at a recommended retail price of € 179 (VAT included). Audient USB interfaces are available from € 135 (VAT included)

As a complement, the mid-range headphones ATH-M40x they are used in recording studios all over the world and offer a pure and professional sound. These headphones have been critically acclaimed for their precise sound and excellent comfort,  ideal for long sessions  podcast

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x is available at a suggested retail price of € 99 (including VAT).

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