With so much technological revolution, rent instead of buy.

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We all know that the world of technology is grueling, ever-changing, and every novelty seems to destroy the previous thing.

But it's not just electronics anymore. And the cars? The electric car revolution is coming, and the drums are ringing closer and closer, but we don't know which year will definitely conquer the world. Meanwhile, fossil-fueled cars continue to experience a long agony.

Traditional mechanics for companies has been to establish a payback period for products and once that time has elapsed, replace them with a new one. The most common forms of this type of product purchase are called "leasing" and "leasing".

As these concepts are sometimes confusing, we will explain them briefly.

What is leasing?

Leasing, also known as finance lease or lease with right to purchase, is a contract by which the right to use an asset is transferred to the customer, in exchange for the payment of a lease (rent) for a specified period, to the term by which the customer has the opportunity to purchase the asset by paying a certain price (usually the residual rent)

What is the rent

Renting is synonymous with “long-term rental”. The customer undertakes to pay a fixed amount for a certain period of time to enjoy the use of the product or otherwise. For companies it is a more interesting option because the rental of assets is reflected, for accounting purposes, as an expense and not as an investment. Furthermore, since it is a fixed fee, it facilitates planning in the treasury. In the rental there is no purchase option at the end of the installment payment period. You can only negotiate a new rental period, usually by replacing the product with a new one.

Why prefer the rent for the purchase?

Market pressure and uncertainty about many aspects of life are bringing these modalities to the world of the consumer. Our minds are increasingly implanted with the absurdity of a situation where we buy something to use for a few days a year.

If you are a freelancer or have a business, you probably already understand that renting offers you many advantages over property, and you may want to consider using it.

Surely you have visited numerous pages (producers, intermediaries, advertisements, etc.) and all of them tell you that they are the best. So you have discovered that it is difficult to know which is the best company to entrust with the management of your rental property. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that there are product centers in the rental that cover practically any area of ​​business activity: computer rental, office, travel and mobility, administration, internet and technologies, outsourcing, advertising and marketing services. , training, etc.

If you need a rental product, you can certainly find it in this center. And if you are a bit clueless or prefer to talk to someone "in the flesh", Doiser offers you his personal advice service, so that you can tell what you need and they will guide you on which of the offers they have the most. fits your needs, needs or budget.


In these times of technological revolutions, economic uncertainties and the need to optimize every euro cent we have to invest, instead of buying and running the risk of having a product that you no longer use or that has not been updated, use the possibility of renting to know that your business will always use the latest generation products, and that if you stop needing them, you won't be burdened with unnecessary burdens that have lost much of their value over the months.

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