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The iPhone and iPad are widely recognized devices and used by various users, who recommend them as the best. These offer multiple options and one of them is the note tool, many people prefer to jot down their tasks, work or reminders in mobile phone notes, as they become easier to remember and search for.

This is why you need to ask yourself : how to see and fix the notes on the screen of my iPhone or iPad? This is a very effective option that you can use every day.

These notes they can be done very simply and if you prefer you can opt for other more advanced options. Next we will teach you an easy way to view your notes from the home screen of your mobile phone.

How to fix the notes on the screen of my iPhone or iPad?

Notes are a great tool for our life, to create them you just have to open the notes application that brings your mobile, press the button that says write and start writing the note, select OK to finish; if you want you can change the font size and type in the note.

To be able to create an instant note from your iPad's lock screen and be able to view it from there. Enter the settings, then go to the notes section, press “Login” to do so select an option. Now tap the lock screen with an Apple Pencil and create any notes. This will also be automatically saved in the notes app.

Now, to place the notes on the screen of your iPhone, the first thing you should do is check that the latest version of the operating system is updated, now install the application called 'Sticky Widget', having it you will have to alone go to the screen starts and hold an empty space inside it, press the + sign that appeared.

By doing so we will see a list with the Widgets that your mobile phone offers, select the one you just installed and click on 'Add Widget'. Another way for you to be able to place your notes on the home screen is to write your note in the application that comes with your mobile phone and take a screenshot of what you have written, then place this photo as your home screen.

How to sync notes from my iPhone and iPad

You can do a variety of things with your notes, and you can sync your device with iCloud, email accounts like Google and Yahoo! Through them you can virtually manage your notes.

To start sync our iPhone and iPad notes with iCloud, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. È necessario start the adjustment application on our computer.
  2. Press or select where iCloud says
  3. Once there, enter i authentication details.
  4. After entering it, you need to activate the services you want to synchronize And that's it.

Likewise, to sync iPhone and iPad notes with our Gmail, the steps are as follows:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to setting option from the home screen.
  2. Once there, select mail, calendars and contacts.
  3. Then select where it says add account options and click on Gmail.
  4. When you have the pop-up screen, you have to enter the authentication details for your Gmail account. Press Allow when prompted with the “iOS would like” screen.
  5. Then you have to choose which service you want to sync like mail, contacts, calendars or notes.
  6. And finally hit save.

In case of synchronization of our iPhone and iPad notes with our Yahoo account, you have to enter the settings; then to the mail, calendars and contacts section. From there, you have to activate the synchronization between Yahoo and the notes application, with this activation the notes are automatically synchronized between your account and the device.

Subsequently, you can use your Yahoo account to access the notes folder on your Apple device from any other computer. It should be noted that it is possible to change accounts in notes for iPhone and iPad for other email accounts.

  1. To do this, you need to select the account option in the left corner of the notes list, this is done for show notes you will sync with mail accounts or iCloud.
  2. Then, you need to go to settings and choose mail, contacts and calendars.
  3. After that you can hit the 'All Notes' option.
  4. There they will show you all the notes that you have saved and synced with your email accounts on iPhone.

If you have multiple accounts e you want to switch between accounts, you have to go to the setting option within the notes and select 'default account', to choose the account from which you want to add new notes.

Use a widget to pin a note on your iOS screen

To use a widget that allows us to pin a note to the screen of your iOS iPhone or iPad, you need to download the Sticky Widget application.

Once installed, let's go to the widget section to add a new note on the main screen. Here we can choose between three sizes, very useful if we want to add a lot of text since the more text it is, the smaller its size will be. Furthermore, we can touch it to modify its content, text or to change its color between yellow, blue or pink.

How to add widgets in iOS 14

When you have iOS 14 you can also use widgets on the home screen, this is very useful for having your favorite information at your fingertips. You can also use the Today View widgets by swiping right from the home screen or lock screen.

  1. add a widget to the home screen of the your iPhone or iPad, press and hold a widget or blank area until the apps move.
  2. Then select the Add button in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap a widget and choose from three sizes, then tap Add Widget.
  4. Finally press ok.

To add a widget from the “Today” view you just have to press and hold a widget until the quick actions menu opens and press edit home screen. Therefore move the widget to the right edge of the screen until it appears on the main screen and press ok.

You use notes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

With notes you can write quickly what comes to your mind; including creating lists, drawings and ideas, and more. Thanks to iCloud you can have updated notes on all your devices.

Anchor notes

If you want to anchor a note to do this, devi alone slide your finger to the right on it and lift it quickly. You can also go to the note and press the plus button which is represented by three dots and then press where it says again.

And to unlock a note, swipe right on it again.

Create a checklist

To create a checklist, you just need to select a note and then tap the check button represented by the check symbol √.

Similarly, create the list and then tap on the empty circle to complete a task. Plus, you can automatically organize completed tasks at the bottom, swipe to create indents, and more.

Format a note

format a note it is very simple, when you are in a note, press the table key or the button in the format 'Aa' this to add a table, title, item or bulleted list.

Another option is touch and hold and “Aa” to open a list of formatting options.

Add attachments

To add items from another application, be it a location or a website, press the share button in the application from which you want to share the content. Then, tap on the notes app and choose the note you want to add an attachment to and hit Save.

Easily customize the look of your notes

With your notes you can customize to your liking by inserting a color ; it can be yellow, blue and pink. Also, inside you can apply a grid to get a better score. To do this you just have to do the following:

  1. The opening of a note can be existing or new.
  2. Press the Share button at the top right.
  3. Then select lines and grids.
  4. You can choose one of the 3 grid options or the blank format.

How to view notes on my iPhone

In the Notes application you can access the entire repertoire of notes and to each of the documents attached to them. To be able to see them, you have to follow this simple procedure:

First, you have to open the Notes application, for this you just have to click on its icon. Next, you need to search for the notes; Because of this you have to take into account the way your notes are arranged.

Well, if you have them all in the same folder, you should search in order of modification date. The notes will be sorted according to the date of the last modification made on them. That way, if it's a recently edited note, it's most likely at the top of the list. Conversely, if it's a note that you haven't written or edited in a long time, then you should look through the bottom of the list.

If the notes are in directories or folders, you need to do a search in them, or you can do a search in the top bar. These folders are also sorted alphabetically or by modification date of the notes they contain.

The Notes interface also provides us with the first words of each note to make your search easier. This amount of preceding characters may vary depending on the font size that we have configured on our iPhone device.

If the note we are looking for is found, to open it it is necessary to click on it; in this way we can view all its content. Furthermore, if the content of the note also contains documents such as images, audio, PDF or any other type of document; you must press on this again to be able to view it.

On my Mac PC

In the case of Mac, first of all we have to turn on our Mac that  must have the operating system  Mac X most recent.

If we look at our main screen, we will see that in the lower left corner we will find an icon with the Apple logo; we press it with the left mouse button.

Then, a menu with various applications and folders will open, we enter the tools section; there we will find an application called blog notes, we open it and it will open  a text box where we can save our notes.

On the other hand, to view our notes stored on our iPhone or iPad, we need to go to the tools section of the notes blog. Then to the section where it says "Reset Notes".

Now, our pc  will ask us to enter our iCloud email and password.  Once we have entered our data, we will proceed to click on the synchronize notes section and then finally see them on our pc.

How to edit the notes on my iPhone or iPad screen?

The Sticky Widget application allows you to view your notes in the form of sticky notes that look very nice on the screen. Long press on the Widget icon so that the word “Edit” appears. Go to the colors section and select your favorite.

You can also place it anywhere on the screen and right now you will write the note you need to remember, if you want to write your note in multiple languages ​​you can do it with your keyboard. By going through all these processes you will be able to view your note.

On the other hand, there are also other applications to place your notes, it is special for your iPad but you can also use it on your iPhone, which is 'TapNote', all you need to do is install it to start using it. This application places several notes on the screen, they will appear at the beginning as a quick access, when you log in you will see all the notes you want.

How to keep my notes safe on my iPhone or iPad?

Many prefer to use notes directly rather than install apps, so you need to keep an eye on your notes; to do this you can enter the password in the application. You can edit them using iCloud, go to settings, enter the name, enter iCloud and then hit turn on notes. This way you can view your notes on any Apple device.

If you want to delete it, enter the list of notes, then hit the one you want to delete and swipe left, at that moment you will see a trash can icon appear.

You can also resort to settings to be able to delete it from that option. Try to have a copy of a note which is very important, this will help you in case you delete one by mistake you will have another one in replacement.

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